Midge Lane


Our ideas about what is considered appropriate and acceptable behaviour in the workplace have changed greatly in recent years. For this reason many companies now have written policy and procedures concerning workplace harassment. Even so, if you are being harassed at work you may not trust your company to apply the policy and procedures in a way that doesn’t make your already bad situation worse.

Further, if you have experienced abuse in your family or other personal relationships you may find it hard to judge whether your workplace situation is indeed abusive. Or, you may have a hard time weighing the risks and benefits of stepping forward and making a claim of workplace harassment.

It is always a safe option to turn to a confidential counselling service. There you can get help in evaluating the nature of your concern. You can also safely reflect upon your options. You can do this without any bias that could come from union, from management, or from anyone else who could have a personal stake in what you decide.